Harrow Inn Steep

TELEPHONE: 01730-262685
Please note that we do not take credit or debit cards. Cash and cheques are welcome.

The Harrow Inn, Steep, Hampshire

Due to the latest Covid19 restrictions we are now closed until further notice. However we are able to offer a take away service between 12noon and 2pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, details below.
Note that we are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks as part of the take away service.

See below for our take away menu or click here to download a PDF

Orders can be taken over the phone (ideally) or in person at the garden hatch and collected from there. Cash (or cheques) only please. Please remember that once you have collected your takeaway, you must leave the premises, which includes the garden and car park.

  • Homemade Harrow Soup (Ham, split pea & vegetables) served with bread and butter £6.70
  • Nisa’s Homemade Cottage Pie or Lasagne (meat) £12
  • Quiche (Stilton, cheddar & broccoli) £12
  • Flan (Bacon, cheddar & onion) £12
  • The above dishes are served with bread, butter, salad and coleslaw and may not all be available at all times
    Note that these dishes will be served cold but can be heated at home - instructions provided!

    SANDWICHES £6.70

  • Ham (home cooked) served with salad
  • Rare beef served with salad
  • Cheese served with salad
  • Cheese & tomato served with salad
  • Cheese & chutney served with salad

  • Cheddar £7.80
  • Brie £7.80
  • Ham (home cooked) £12
  • Rare beef £12
  • DESSERTS £6.50

  • Homemade Treacle tart served with cream
  • Chocolate biscuit crunch served with cream
  • Fruit Crumble
  • Choice of desserts may change depending on demand